Which Up And Coming Neighborhoods In Chevy Chase, Maryland Should You Be Investing In Now?

Which Up And Coming Neighborhoods In Chevy Chase, Maryland Should You Be Investing In Now?

If you want to gain maximum income from real estate, you've come to the right place!

Chevy Chase, a charming town home to almost 2,900 locals, is becoming one of the top spots for real estate investing. A population increase of 5.4% this decade is evident.

You may wonder why one of the wealthiest towns is now a sought-after region for a real estate investor. The reasons are its location, low crime rate, and robust housing market.

However, not every area gives you the same bang for your buck. So continue reading to uncover the best neighbors to invest in!

1. Chevy Chase Section Three

Locals know this vicinity for its picturesque homes. They often feature colonial or traditional designs.

It's a popular spot to market to families as it's a proud residential area and hosts several events. Its most noticeable one is its weekend farmer's market.

Section Three offers a blend of tranquility and easy access to urban amenities. This is due to its short distance from downtown. The area's upscale reputation and excellent schools make it appealing to families.

Overall, this contributes to a stable real estate market.

2. Chevy Chase Village

At the heart of Chevy Chase, the district has historic charm, leafy lanes, and a strong sense of community. The village is known for its well-preserved homes and a mix of architectural styles.

Around 74% of people own their properties here, so they tend to hold their value well. Thus, it makes it a reliable choice for real estate investment.

3. Kenwood

Kenwood is a desirable spot known for its luxury homes and exclusive atmosphere. It features elegant mansions and tree-lined streets, creating an opulent and private ambiance.

The demand for upscale living and limited homes drive property values higher. If you own an investment property here, it is a potentially lucrative investment.

4. Chevy Chase West

This vicinity has a mix of architectural styles, such as Cape Cod, colonial, and modern homes. It has a family-friendly setting, nearness to parks, and well-regarded schools.

With a slightly more varied housing stock, Chevy Chase West appeals to a broader range of buyers. Although you might not generate top dollar here, it has a stable and diverse real estate market.

5. Chevy Chase Terrace

Chevy Chase sits near the Connecticut Avenue corridor. It provides a more accessible entry point into the Chevy Chase market.

The area features a range of housing options, from townhouses to single-family homes. Homes here are at a more affordable price point compared to other neighborhoods.

The area's convenience, proximity to amenities, and potential for future development make it an attractive option for real estate investing. If you want a solid portfolio in the future, put this promising location on your list.

Real Estate Investing in Chevy Chase Neighborhoods

It's no secret that real estate investing is a renowned way to earn passive income. Still unknown, Chevy Chase is becoming a promising area for a real estate investor.

To make the most of this golden opportunity, you must act fast. Once the word is out, people will look to Maryland to improve their property portfolio.

Here at PMI Chevy Chase, we know the pros and cons of real estate. So hire our property management today so you can enjoy all the positives while we tend to all the negatives!