Marketing your Chevy Chase Property to Young Families

With world-class schools, parks, and recreational activities, Chevy Chase is massively appealing to young families looking to settle into a vibrant and exciting neighborhood. New families looking to move into this neighborhood tend to have parents on the younger side, so it is important to appeal to their generation in a way that will speak to them. While in the past certain marketing and advertising techniques were tried and true for families, a changing demographic also means a need for changing ways to appeal to said demographic. This will ultimately give any property manager a leg up from their peers, who may be slower to catch up to shifting times and trends. 

Here are some crucial factors of appealing to young families looking to move into our neighborhood: 

The internet is the first step to get the word out

Not so long ago, people looking to rent property in Chevy Chase heard about open listings by word of mouth or through newspaper listings. Nowadays, younger people immediately turn to the internet for all their needs, including housing. The internet provides them with all the information they need, including schooling opportunities, community events past and present, and even projections into the future about where the neighborhood is headed. By including these details as a part of your marketing technique, you get to control what potential tenants see and how they picture your property. By creating and engaging your online presence, your property will stick out above all the rest since they will not have to do any more research about the neighborhood. Feel free to include facts about schools, parks, and community events that will appeal to young families in the information about the property. 

When creating your online marketing presence, it is key that your online presence accurately communicates the appeal of the property to its full extent. Make sure that your images showcase your property’s beauty by taking high-resolution, clear, and bright pictures. It should be easy to look at and admire, and it should be just as easy for them to find your contact information right on the page. Once you have created your finished product, ask a fresh pair of eyes to look over your website and tell you the first thing they see. This will give you a good idea of what appeals to the eye naturally and what you can further work on. Your online presence should be captivating and aesthetically pleasing, so that the potential tenants are instantly attracted to your listing above all the others. 

They are moving into a community, not just a house

Young families are interested in what they can do on family outings, who their neighbors will be, and who their kids will make friends with. Understanding how the community functions is something they greatly consider regarding the appeal of a house. If they can picture weekends going to nearby parks and cook-outs in the neighbor’s backyard, they will be able to picture themselves living in your property better. It is a good idea to include key details about community events, as well as a map of nearby, family-friendly attractions. Make sure to emphasize attractions not only in Chevy Chase, but in DC as well. By harnessing the energy and power of DC’s family friendly atmosphere, your property appears more appealing because of its proximity. If you are giving them a tour, make sure to talk about this important information, so that they get excited to engage with the community around them by living in your property. 

Offer family-friendly technologies 

Young parents have particular desires that you can appeal to with simple technology. To begin with, parents want to ensure that their children are safe. By offering security systems or cameras outside of the house, they will feel that by living in your home they will be protected and safe. You can also add smart locks to doors to make it easier for them to access the property. These technologies are relatively inexpensive but go a long way in communicating to families that they will be safe and happy in your property. 

Additionally, you can include a mini-fridge in the kitchen or spruce up the backyard so that they can have family-friendly gatherings and parties in your property. Young families are looking to socialize and make friends, and having a nice backyard or entertaining space will allow them to see themselves doing just that in your property. By making certain areas more friendly for social gatherings, you are meeting their needs in a way that will differentiate you from other property managers. 

Essentially, it is crucial to “know your audience”. The more you understand what appeals to young families, the more success you will have when renting out to that demographic. 

At PMI Chevy Chase, our team of experts understands the evolving needs and desires of young families. For a highly experienced, professional team of property managers that will appeal to your target demographic’s needs, give us a call. We understand that when your tenants are happy, you are happy, and we want to make sure you get the best return on your investment property.