On Monday, the Rockville City Council unanimously voted to freeze residential rent increases through July 31. Starting August 1, residential rents may increase by no more than 2.6%. Rent increases of greater than 2.6% cannot go into effect until 180 days after the end of Maryland’s COVID-19 related state of emergency. Landlords can send notice of the impending rent increase 90 days after the state of emergency ends. If a landlord has already provided tenants a notice of a rent increase higher than 2.6% that is scheduled to go into effect within 180 days of the end Maryland’s state of emergency, the landlord must inform the tenant in writing to either disregard the notice or that the increase is amended to be 2.6% or less. 

While this ordinance protects residential renters during the COVID-19 emergency, landlords are not spared from the financial burden of the pandemic either. Rockville officials initially considered a complete freeze of rents during the pandemic, which would have forced landlords to pay for increases in water and sewer rates, and property taxes. 

If you are a tenant facing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic, notify your landlord or Property Manager as soon as possible about any potential impending delinquencies. If you are a landlord looking to discuss options for your real estate investment, contact Nicholas Lazarchick at 202-708-6292 or

 More information about the ordinance can be found here: