Benefits of Professional Property Management During COVID-19

If you had spoken to any seasoned landlord back in January of 2020, it is likely they would have thrown around the phrase, "I have seen it all before." However, it is clear now, in mid-2020, that we are in a situation that nobody has "seen before." 

With uncertainty looming over everyone, owning a rental property has become an exceptionally stressful endeavor. Recruiting the help of property managers at PMI Chevy Chase will significantly put you at ease during this time. Although this is an unprecedented situation, we bring years of experience and a highly seasoned staff to the table. This equips us to manage your property in a professional, economically beneficial way. You can be confident that if anyone can manage your property during this time, it is the PMI Chevy Chase team. 

Our team can benefit you in three major ways during this time: 

Assessing and Creating Plans Moving Forward

During a time when plans are constantly changing, PMI Chevy Chase is creating and revising plans every day that properly adhere to the evolving requirements. These days, property owners face new challenges, whether it's instating social distancing rules for associates and residents, increasing cleaning frequency, pausing inspections, reducing maintenance to emergency work orders, canceling resident events, providing education to residents, and more.  By creating, assessing, and carrying out business plans, PMI Chevy Chase puts the best interest of our clients first.  We are prepared to create the "new normal" for property management, so you can relax knowing your property is in good hands. 

Maintaining and Strengthening Tenant Relationships 

As you have likely already noticed, tenants have more questions than ever. With uncertainty about their situation, tenants need someone they can turn to for guidance and peace of mind. At PMI Chevy Chase, we will bring our knowledge and professionalism to ease your tenants' minds. We will do this by both answering questions and keeping up crucial communication about changing plans as they happen. Your tenants will relax knowing that someone will always be there to answer any questions they may have. Plus, you will be content knowing that your tenants are receiving the utmost level of communication and respect when it is more important than ever. 

Increasing Economic Security 

During these precarious economic times, one thing is still sure: people need real estate. Owning a rental property is always a good investment because the demand for homes is as consistent as it has ever been. To ensure that your property is still profitable and giving you a good return on investment, let experienced property managers lend their expertise to ensure that your venture is still growing and is protected from any financial burden. We have operated throughout certain and uncertain economic times in the past, and so we will make savvy and informed decisions moving forward to ensure that your property is not only financially secure but increasing profitability every day. 

If you are an investor looking to talk to a real estate expert about your venture, contact Nicholas Lazarchick at 202-708-6292 or